Toys R Us Hasbro Games Update

So I couldn’t wait to get over to TRU and check out this deal. The free board game is ringing up $0.00 so you have to find a filler (at least 3.03) to make this work with the $5/$25. Also I could not find any of the $4.99 games, but did find a travel Guess Who game that worked with the MQ. Here is what I did:

Bought (1) Sorry and (2) Monopoly Games
$7.99 + $7.99 + $0
Bought Travel Guess Who
$3.99 filler
Total= $25.96
$5/$25 TRU Printable (give this coupon before all the others)
$4 Hasbro Printable Guess Who
(2) $4 Hasbro Monopoly, Life, Sorry, Clue (NO LONGER AVAILABLE)
$4 Hasbro games MQ from Parade Magazine- Sorry/Monopoly
Final total (before tax)= $4.96 for all 5 items!

But when I got home I thought of an even better deal!

Buy (3) Sorry and/or Monopoly Games
$7.99 + $7.99 + $0
Buy (3) Travel Guess Who
$5.99 + $5.00 + $0
Total= $27.96
$5/$25 TRU Printable (give this coupon before all the others)
(2) $4 Hasbro Printable Guess Who
(2) $4 Hasbro Monopoly, Life, Sorry, Clue (IE)(NO LONGER AVAILABLE)
$4 Hasbro games MQ from Parade Magazine- Monopoly/Sorry
$4 Hasbro games MQ from Parade Magazine- Guess Who
Final total (before tax)= Free plus $1.04 overage for all 6 items!

The tax should be a little more than the overage, so I think this should work. If you try this secenario, PLEASE, let us know if it worked. I plan on giving 2 of these to my own kids at Chirtmas and saving the others for Toys for Tots or Adopt a Family gifts. I love when I can score a major deal and give generously at the same time!


  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey there. Thanks so much for this scenario. This is what I was able to get this morning:

    (3) Monopoly
    $7.99 + $7.99 + $0.00
    (3) Guess Who Travels
    $5.99 + $5.99 + $0.00

    Used $5/$25
    Used (2) $4 Monopoly/etc. printables
    Used (2) $4 Guess Who/etc. printables
    Used (1) $4 Monopoly/etc. Parade magazine
    Used (1) $4 Guess Who/etc. Parade magazine

    Paid $0.00 + tax

    Though, I did notice that it did NOT give overage. What it did was increased my items in conjunction with the $5/$25 Toys R Us coupon to actually equal $3.96/$25. I'm pretty sure (after the fact) that if I would have added the little $1.00 filler item I had on stand-by (just in case the register wouldn't allow my last $4 coupon), I'm betting I would have been able to get it for free and still have had a subtotal of $0.00 + tax. But an awesome deal none the less!!! Thanks so much. :)

  2. Kristy and Mary says:

    Doen't it feel great to get such an awesome deal?! I might go back later this week and try getting some Tag jr. books with the Guess Who games. B-day gifts: check, Christams gifts: check, Toys for Tots: check! Love it!

  3. Kristy and Mary says:

    BTW- I think you are right (for anyone else wanting to try this). Getting a $1 item would probably make up for the overage and then you would just pay tax!

  4. Cynthia Rosson says:

    I can't get the link to work for $4 Hasbro Monopoly, Life, Sorry, Clue. Am I doing some thing wrong?

  5. Anonymous says:

    S$4 Hasbro Monopoly, Life, Sorry, Clue. This is what it says: I guess print limit has been reached.

    Sorry! You have already printed
    this coupon the number of times allowed.

    You may close this window.

  6. Kristy and Mary says:

    Sorry, All. Looks like the Mononpoly, Sorry printable is dead now. But you can still print the Guess Who printable (also includes Connect 4 and Pictureka).

  7. Anonymous says:

    I went to TRU this morning and the monopoly and sorry games were 11.99/15.99 I didn't see any games for 7.99. :(

  8. Anonymous says:

    Yeah the games are either regionally priced at $7.99 or the sale is over. :(

  9. milesmommy says:

    i looked online and am about to call our store becuase I found very little for $7.99 either. My friend in Arizona couldn't even get the 3rd one free!

  10. Kristy and Mary says:

    The sorry and monopoly games were not marked at 7.99 on the shelf at my store either. But I checked them at a scanner to be sure. Did you all get a TRU ad? If so, the ad clearly states that these 2 games are 7.99. You should be able to find an ad in the store too (look on page 3 I think). I also checked the online ad and it is listed at 7.99. I am a rookie TRU shopper so I don't know all their policies, but I would ask for a raincheck for the games if they are out of stock.
    Hope that helps! I went back today to do a transaction with Guess Who and Tag jr. So I know the sale should still be running.

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