New Swag Bucks Trivia Challenge

Swag Bucks is rolling out a new application called Trivia Challenge for Facebook.  The application can be accessed anytime by visiting the following URL: http://apps.facebook.com/swagbucksapp. Once you arrive, you’ll be invited to start playing trivia to earn Swag Bucks or (for players 18 and over) Tokens, which can be redeemed for 3 spins each on the Spin&Win prize wheel. The trivia itself is a 10 question, timed round.
Users will have 5 minutes to complete all 10 answers correctly, and to help you arrive at the right answer, they are including a Swagbucks.com search box right underneath the questions. Note, this is going to help you maximize your searching Swag Bucks as you play trivia! Answer any question incorrectly, and the round is over. Each user has a total of 5 available rounds per day, and once completed, you must wait till the next day before having another chance to earn. Assuming that you complete all 10 questions correctly, you will either earn Swag Bucks on the spot, or be awarded with your Token. You may then chose whether to keep playing trivia, or to press your luck on the Spin&Win.
There is alot more info on this new app on the Swag Bucks blog.  For all you Swagernauts out there, will you be pressing your luck?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    This is an excellent way to make swagbucks. I enjoyed your post :) You should also try http://ezswag.com they have a database of trivia questions and answers to help make it easier on you.

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