I Heart U Giant Eagle!

I’m in love.  Well, it’s an intense crush at least!  After doing their  cereal deal yesterday and getting $5 to spend on my next purchase, I returned today for an even sweeter deal. Today I bought 2 Staples Gift Cards for $50 each. Doing two separate transactions, I got a $10 gift card to GE each time. That meant my total was $80 for $100 in gift cards to Staples!  It gets better. For every $50 you spend in gift cards (or groceries) Giant Eagle gives you 20 cents off your gas purchase. That’s 40 cents off which equals a savings of $8 on a 20 gallon tank. You should be able to fill up your lawn mower gas pail on that same 40 cent savings! Almost time to mow the lawn here in Central Ohio! Woohoo!

Let us know if you cash in on this sweet deal!  I know I can put $100 of Staples gift cards to good use (while only spending $72 for them!!!)
Note: Cereal Deal is over today and the Staples gift card deal runs through April 20th locally. Check your store for details.

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