Kroger Thank You Holiday Bonus Offer 10/16-11/27/11

Check out this all new offer from Kroger! Receive a $10 Holiday Thank You Bonus for every $100 you spend at any Kroger store between Oct. 16 and Nov. 27, 2011. Redeem your bonus at Kroger Marketplace on toys, furniture, holiday decor and so much more!  I like this kind of creative promotion, another way to earn those fuel points too.  And just when I was ready to give up on Kroger.

Offer Details: Spending excludes: Kroger gift cards, mall gift cards, fuel, alcohol, tobacco products, pharmacy, Fred Meyer Jewelry, services and items prohibited by law. *Maximum savings is $200 – Redemption excludes: Kroger gift cards, mall gift cards, printer ink cartridges, electronic items, food, candy, health and beauty items, services, fragrances, Fred Meyer Jewelry, fuel, pharmacy, alcohol or tobacco products. Offer is available on first purchase with eligible items and Plus Card. Minimum purchase equal to or greater than reward earned required to redeem offer. Discounts are limited to product on hand while supplies last, no rain checks will be issued.

Be sure to check your local ad to see if your store is participating.  What do you think of this offer?


  1. Tammie Holt says:

    How do you find how many bonus $$ you have

  2. Mary & Kristy says:

    If you have a recent receipt, it will tell you how much near the bottom. You can also stop by the customer service desk and they can scan your card. Or try calling 1800krogers (have you card number with you) and they should be able to give you the total.
    HTH! Happy Free Shopping!

  3. amanda says:

    IF i have moved can i still get the full money? or do i have to go to the same store?
    my receipt shows only $14.00 but i have spent at least $1,000 in the 2 months..

  4. Mary & Kristy says:

    Let’s see how much I can answer for you Amanda. You should have been able to earn at any store and redeem at any store (in participating areas). Holiday bonus money would be in increments of $10, so I am not sure where the $14 is coming from. Did you give your Plus card every time you shopped? That is the only way to track it. If you have other receipts from the redemption period and feel that your holiday bonus should be higher, you can call 1800Kroger or talk to a manager at the service desk. HTH! Don’t give up, sounds like you could have a lot of Free items to redeem for!

  5. Just somebody dealing with it... says:

    1- 1800 Krogers is NOT open on the weekends
    So- calling is just a waste of time

    If you are going to the local market place stores- In Toledo, there are 3. As of 9:00a.m the wait in line to check your points on your card is 25 minutes…JUST TO CHECK YOUR CARD!

    Everything is SOLD OUT! So go if you want- but shelves are empty.

    2-3 hour waits at all of these stores…wanna know why?!- Because this was not anticipated for the public…have you ever heard of and employee bonus? Yes that’s what it was.

    So I guess if your lucky enough to get there and take up the bonuses- great- but just remember the employees- be nice.

    1. Bruce says:

      In reply to “just somebody dealing with it….says” you are right Kroger really messed up with this promotion. Customers didn’t fully understand what they could buy, how much they had to use or that they had to use it all in one shot. Poor planning by the company’s executives. As far as an employee bonus you are actually wrong there. The Marketplace stores where so packed that many of the employees that work there never got a chance to use their bonus points. Those employees had to work on days off and overtime to try to service the customers. Many employees never even got breaks or lunches during the 4 day sale. The promotion was for the public and believe me the public showed up. Sad to say some customers treated the employees like crap eventhough they were busting their behinds to help them. And now those Marketplace stores have to put everything back together again. So like you said be nice to the store employees because they worked with what they were dealt. But by all means please let the Kroger mainoffice hear it for such a ill planned promotion that should never had been offered in the way it was. I personally feel that the store employees and the customers are in the same boat, they were used and abused by the Kroger executives who were never really troubled at all by the sale since they don’t work weekends and never work in the stores.

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