Reminder Kroger Holiday Bonus Earnings Available Now (12/1-12/4)

Just wanted to remind you that if you earned Kroger Holiday Bonus Money, you can start to redeem it today, 12/1. This bonus money is only available until 12/4. Participating items include some office supplies,  housewares and toys. Read the details here.

Facebook fan Tina brought up a good question last night,

I have a question about the Kroger holiday bonus bucks that start tomorrow! Do you know if you can get something for free or do you have to spend $ to be able to use it? I have 814 points which translates into $80.

I called customer service and was told that the bonus comes off like a coupon. So if you have $40 to spend and buy a $40 item, $40 will come off. If you have $40 to spend and only buy $38 worth, then $38 will come off like a coupon. So yes, you can get the items free. However you will still have to pay tax. What I forgot to ask is if you have to use the bonus in one transaction. So, if you don’t think you will use it all in one transaction, be sure to ask as customer service whether or not the balance will transfer to a second transaction.

Looks like this customer service rep did not have all the right info.  You must spend equal or more than your bonus (pre tax) in one transaction.

So what are you buying with your bonus? I am getting a fancy wine opener for hubby and a  present for one of my nephews.

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