Swagbucks: Earn 415 Swag Bucks and $10 Credit with 7 Day eMusic Trial!

Check out this sweet Swagbucks deal!  Earn 415 Swag Bucks when you sign up for a 7 day eMusic Trial and get a $10 credit towards music downloads! With songs as low as 49¢ each that’s up to 20 songs. Choose from over 14,000,000 tracks, guaranteed to play on any MP3 player. 100% risk free.  You must be a new member with no previous account on record.

I found this offer via a pop up window when I was completing a search on Swagbucks.  When I clicked on it I was taken to a window like the picture above.  If you do not get the pop-up window, you can find this on the Special Offers page, under the TrialPay tab.  If you access it through this way it says 405 SB (not sure why the 10 “buck” difference).  It also says you should see the SBs credit immediately to your account. (It did for me!)

Think of it this way, not only will you get $10 in Free music, you will also be earning the equivalent of $4.61 in Amazon money (a $5 Amazon gift card is worth 450 SB).

One word of caution on eMusic.  You will have to enter a credit card or PayPal account.  After the 7 days, if you do not cancel the trial, you will be charged a monthly subscription rate.  If you are uncomfortable with using payment info or feel like you would forget to cancel before the 7 days are up (so as not to be charged),  then don’t worry about it- this deal is not for you.  And that is ok! ;)

Don’t know what the heck Swagbucks is?  We highly encourage you to check out our Swagbucks informational post.  You really should join today!

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