Kroger: No More Double Coupons in Cincinnati Region

krogerbetterIf you’ve followed couponing for any length of time, you are most likely aware of the uproar in Kroger’s Texas region when they ceased double coupons last year.

Well, it is now upon us. Kroger’s Cincinnati Region has just made the decision to cease doubles and triples as of March 1st!  If you are in that part of the country, please know that this includes Cincinnati, Dayton and areas along the western part of Ohio. Check out the map at Surviving the Stores to see exactly where this region is. As always, call your store or regional division to see if your particular store is affected. Again, this change will not affect MOST OF OHIO as the majority of the state is in the Columbus region. It may, however, be a harbinger of things to come.

If you are looking for a Kroger alternative, please check out my post A Newbies Guide to Aldi! I’m totally in love with Aldi and now that they are offering some gluten free and organic products, I’m sold. No couponing needed.

If you are wondering if you are in the Cincinnati/Dayton division or want to contact the company personally, the contact info is below. Each Kroger/Kroger Affiliate region operates separately from the company at large. Each region will be making their own decisions regarding coupons so be sure to contact the division and not the corporate offices.

How do you feel about this couponing change? Rumor has it that overall prices drop when double/triple coupons are taken out of the equation. We shall see soon enough.

Cincinnati/Dayton Division
150 Tri-County Parkway
Cincinnati, OH 45246


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